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Moore JunkMoore Junk - Chris Moore

International 955 d-358 engine. This tractor was bought in early 2011 in very poor condition from West Sussex. The engine was full to the rocker box with water, two frost cracked liners and a full set of rotten tyres. This tractor has been built on a very tight budget and was the first of the new sport farm class and is still in the process of being finished as and when funds allow.

This photo was taken at Wraxall (Bristol)...


Trigger. Martin Boyer.

Bluebird Express www.expresstractorpulling.com

The Vital Spark. Jenna Mc Hattie.

Wicked. Iain Hawkins.

Bluebird Too

Bluebird Too - Andrew George Davies

Bluebird Too is owned by George Davies from Builth Wells in mid Wales. George purchased it as a Ford 9600 farm tractor, and modified it for tractor pulling using a Ford 401cui engine. Being in the super farm class the tractor is limited to 2800 rpm and is run alongside George's other tractor Under Pressure. Bluebird Too has been competing in the BTPA for many years with much success, and in the SWTPA in 2008 winning the Super Farm class.

Hoof-HeartedHoof Hearted - Richard Hutton & Dave Cox

Sorry, no details available at present...





Major MayhemMajor Mayhem - Hefin Thomas

Now fitted with a Fordson Super Major back end, 'Major Mayhem' is running a 360T Cargo diesel which has a head which has been ported by John and Richard Sowerby. The injectors (big 4-hole) are fed by a Bosch 13 mm 'P' series pump and breathing is courtesy of a big Holset.

Hefin, who lives in Porthyrhyd started the build in 2001 and tried to drive the puller at Carmarthen the following year but unfortunately he wasn't old enough! Over the last 9-years or so Hefin has become an Agricultural Contractor and has finally finished 'Major Mayhem'. This year he's now become the proud owner of a Wegler RP 435 Baler, which should prove very popular with the farmers in west Wales.

Under 401 Prostock

The Gambler. Neil Gullan.

Based on a Fordson super major with a ford 380 engine fitted, a 12mm bosch injection pump, Kelvin nozzles, Holset 4LGK turbo, home made intercooler and water injection.

After Shock. Philip Mc Hattie.

Big Smoke. George Stewart.

Take it to the Limit. Gordon Morrison.

Originally a Fiat 1300 super.Fiat omcp3 egngine 7.4lt, Holset hx55 turbo, Bosch 13mm tuned pump, out board brakes, 650 x 38 michalin tyres. Built over the winter of 2011/2012 by Gordon & Grant Morrison.

Major Madness

Built by Ed Bateman of Banwell Somerset. Fordson diesel major backend and a cargo 380 engine with a 13" 3 plate centrifugal clutch. Roll cage is from the late Chris Georges "John Bull".Many of the parts and materials were supplied by Kent Plant Group of Banwelland Redhill Engineering (where Ed works). Help and advise from The "Redline Frenzy" tractor pulling team.

BiotronicBiotronic - Peter Cox
Biotronic has been built by Peter and Steve Cox from Somerset. It is based on a Massey Ferguson 3090 tractor, fitted with a perkins 6.354 engine.

The engine has been highly tuned with a large pump and turbo, as well as a large intercooler mounted at the rear of the tractor. A SC centrifugal clutch transfers the power to the fuller gearbox, which is then linked to the Massey axle. Peter has designed this tractor to run on bio diesel, but problems in 2008 resulted in the tractor not making a appearance.

Chain ReactionChain Reaction - Graham Ward
Chain Reaction is based on a Massey Ferguson 699 tractor, fitted with a Perkins T6.354 6-cylinder engine, fitted with a Holset HX50 and Bosch fuel pump. It is connected to the MF 12 speed multi power gearbox, via a twin plate centrifugal clutch. Graham Ward has run this tractor throughout the UK with the BTPA and has had a good first year with the SWTPA. Hopefully Graham will not suffer from engine problems which effected his points in 2008.

Ditchwich - Richard Vaughan

Ditch WitchA mid 60's Fordson Super Major which originally ran in Super Farm. Some 10-years ago the Puller was called 'Poldark' before being fully refurbished by the Mason Brothers and was driven very successfully by Daniel Mason... The original notes from 2008 say the engine was a 5.7-litre 360T Ford Dorset fitted with a slightly larger Simms pump and a Garrett Turbo from a 8-series NH 'Powerstar'.

The photo shows 'Ditchwitch' being driven by Daniel Mason at Low Ham in 2008.

HillbillyHillbilly - Mike Sharpe

Mike, a haulage contractor from Carmarthen has over the year enjoyed considerable success with his Fordson Super Major based Puller, although the 2010 season won't be counted as one of his best (=7th in class). Power comes from a 6.2-litre Ford 380T fitted with a big 13mm Bosch 'P' series pump and a Swartzer turbo...


JustaFordableJustafordable - Kevin Morris

Kevin has just got to be one of the great stalwarts of British Tractor Pulling, seen here driving 'JustaFORDable' at Wraxall (Bristol) in 2008.

His Ford 5000 is fitted with a Ford 401 cu.in. (6.57-litre) with a 13mm Bosch pump and HX-55 Holset Turbo. When he's not out on the track Kevin, who comes from Swindon is an HGV driver

Major MoverMajor Mover - Darren Trower
Darren Trower from Cheltenham, Glous, drives and maintains Major Mover, a Fordson Power Major based tractor, with a Ford Cargo 380 engine. Darren purchased this tractor in 2001 and has since carried out many modifications whilst running at independent uk events. In 2008 Darren joined the SWTPA and has had a very reliable first season, apart from one broken camshaft. For 2009 a larger turbo is being fitted as well as a modified cylinder head and new inlet and exhaust manifolds. Hopefully these modifications will improve on his 3rd position achieved last year.

Mean'n'GreenMean n Green - Pete George
Peter George from Calne, Wiltshire drives and maintains Mean n Green along with help from John Summers and Brian George. The tractor is based on a Deutz 8006 with a 6.1ltr BF6L 913 motor. Tractor was bought from Graham Ward (Chain Reaction) in 2002 . The tractor ran with the BTPA in the british championship but never made headway as we could never attend the events far away. Over the years small modifications where made but in 2007 we came out with all new manifolds, a bigger turbo and huge intercooler. that year we only did 2 events but the tractor showed a lot of promise. 2008 was a great year for us and we never finished out side the top 3 all season it was a real shame not to make the final round as we only needed 5th to win the championship. For 2009 the tractor's motor has been rebuilt with a few other small changes expected after bristol.

Mendip MagicMendip Magic - Nigel Perkins & James Perkins

Now driven by Nigel and James, 'Mendip Magic' was originally called 'Tango' before Matt King bought the Puller and reamed it. This Renault 145 (390 cu.in. MWM straight-6, 13-mm Bosch) makes a refreshing (sorry, no pun intended) change to the serried ranks of Ford and Fordson blue. 'Mendip Magic' is fitted with a Steve Cox/Chris George developed centrifugal clutch.


Redline FrenzyRedline Frenzy - John & Richard Sowerby
John & Richard Sowerby from Bridgend in South Wales built Redline Frenzy using a Fordson Diesel Major, which has since been replaced with a Super Major back end, and a Ford Cargo 380 engine. Since its debut in 1998 many modifications have been made to increase power, whilst attending independent events throughout the UK. In 2008 they joined the SWTPA and have had a very successful first season with a large number of wins, resulting in John winning the under 401cui championship. For 2009 a new engine has been built and many other modifications have been made to hopefully maintain their title.

SkinnySkinny - Gary Ankers
Gary Ankers (Onky), from Malpas in Cheshire purchased this tractor that has been run throughout the UK as Major Madness in September 2008. It is a Fordson Major based machine with a Ford Cargo engine that has been highly turned by John Orwin, fitted with a large intercooler, pump and turbo. Onky first ran this tractor at the SWTPA final at Malpas, but on his second run, the engine developed a noise, on further investigation piston damage was found. Onky has now done a full rebuild on the tractor and is hoping for it to be ready for Bristol. Check out the workshop section for more details.

Under PressureUnder Pressure - Andrew George Davies
A Ford 9600 Based tractor owned by George Davies from Builth Wells in Mid Wales, this tractor was imported from America, originally called Hope & Trackstar as one of 2, the other being Smokey Joe, of David Jones, having been used as pullers at NTPA events. George bought this tractor to replace his Ford 5000 based tractor Bluebird, which has now been exported to Ireland. Under Pressure has competed in the BTPA for many years and has had much success in the championship. For 2008 George joined the SWTPA but has been plagued with turbo problems all season. Hopefully 2009 will be a better season for George with the possibility of a new, third tractor being ready to compete in the over 401cui class.

Over 401cui Prostock

Dragon Power. George davies.

The VikingThe Viking - Darren Trower

Now owned by Darren Trower from Cheltenham (who also owns 'Major Mover'), 'The Viking' formerly belonged to Alun Mason from Pembrokeshire. This Volvo T800 BM dates from the early to mid 1970's and is fitted with a 7-litre Volvo BM diesel with a 13mm Bosch 'P' pump and BIG Holset Turbo. The slipper clutch is an 11" 4-plate William.

The Puller was originally built by Bob Snellgrove but was totally rebuilt after Alun acquired the tractor.

3.5t Modified

Lady in Red. Thomas, Wesley Totton.

John BullJohn Bull - Daniel Harding

Sorry, this photo is actually Simon Dillon driving the then named 'Bounty Hunter' which was 'John Bull' renamed. Daniel bought the Puller from Simon and is planning to run it in the original 'John Bull' livery. Power comes from a 1945 vintage V12 27-litre Rolls Royce Meteor engine which used to live in a Centurion Tank, plus a few Merlin bits and pieces. Unlike 'Little Gold', 'John Bull' uses a 10" Crower Glide centrifugal Clutch mating the engine to the Eaton 11609 Gear Box which came out of a 18-tonne Ford Truck.

Mustang SallyMustang Sally - Andy Pearce

Like T-55, 'Mustang Sally' runs a little Russian import, namely a 38.8-litre V12 Transmash! Some of you may well remember the original 'Mustang Sally' running a brace of 460 cu.in. (7-litre) Ford V8's but now she's grown up! Like many of the SWTPA Pullers Andy uses a Avon Cams centrifugal Clutch, a variant of the Crower which was produced by the late Chris George.

Andy comes from Winthrith, Bristol and spends most of his time working hard with Duncan at M.J.Patch doing welding and fabrication work.

Little GoldLittle Gold - Matt Smith

27-litres of V12 Rolls Royce Meteor power, fitted with a brace of twin-choke Zenith Carb's (in other words, normally aspirated). This Puller was originally built by Leroy Collis in 1988 and extensively re-built by Chris George in 2003 and features an Avon Cams 4-plate 11" centrifugal clutch to connect the Meteor with the Eaton 11609 5-speeg box.

Matt works as a Fitter/Engineer looking after some very high-tec Bio Digesters (or at least we think that's what they are)...

T-55T55 - John Summers
John Summers From Calne, Wiltshire built, drives and maintains T-55 along with Peter George (Mean n Green). The tractor was built in 2000-2002 and ran with 2 x 38.8ltr V12 Transmash engines called Tanked Right Up, this tractor was too front end heavy and even though it had the HP and wheel speed we could not get the power to the ground. In 2006 the tractor was rebuilt and came out with 1 engine which helped with the balance. The tractor pulled with the BTPA and in 2007 even pulled at the European Championships in the 2.5ton class finishing in the prize money. Over the years the tractor was blowing turbo's after 2-3 runs so for 2008 the tractor was fitted with twin turbo's. Through out the 2008 season the tractor struggled to build the boost off the line but still managed 1st in the championship. for 2009 a system has be developed so the tractor leaves the line on 1 turbo then, once the boost is up the waste gate opens and the other turbo kicks in, this we hope will help us get away from the line a lot quicker.

The FlintmobileThe Flintmobile - Darren Angel
A 1987 Renault Turboliner powered by a 11 litre Renault engine, used for many years by the Whittingham family in Blackpool for hauling their tractors before being turned into a puller by them. Purchased by Darren from Salisbury in Wiltshire in 2008 and used in the SWTPA events that year.

For 2009 the engine and transmission were transplanted into a new space-frame chassis and the Puller changed from a Truck into a Modified.


ThunderchildThunderchild - Steve Cox & Miss Rhia Cox

Steve Cox built Thunderchild using a Rover M120 V12 engine that would have originally been found in a Centurion tank. It is coupled to a Fuller 6609 gearbox and a Ford rear axle, with DAF reduction hubs.

Even though this tractor has been on the track for many years, other projects have prevented Steve from dedicating much time to his own tractor. In 2008 a lot of work had been done to the fuel system which has resulted in the tractor running much better - and not catching fire!! For 2009 Steve has made a new air box, to improve on induction as well as new fenders and a very smart paint job (the cover of Jeff Wayne's 'War of the Worlds'). Click on the image to see a montage of the wing graphics.


Black WidowBlack Widow - Stuart Moore

ERF E10 bought from Zippos Circus in 2006. built in the spring of 2007 by Stuart Moore Chris Moore and Gareth Collins. Original Cummins L10 was replaced with a cummins 855ci small cam engine with a modified fuel system and large turbo.

Celtic CrusaderCeltic Crusader - Andrew George Davies

A Scania 142M Tractor unit which George acquired in 2010...




Pullin' PigPullin Pig - Paul Booth
Paul Booth from Llanwrthwl in Mid Wales used to operate this ERF EC14 hauling timber. Since its retirement Paul converted the tractor from a 6x2 to a 4x2 and modified the 14litre big cam cummins engine for pulling. Paul competed in the BTPA for a couple of years with much success before moving to the SWTPA in 2008. In his first year, Paul has not been able to attend all events due to logistical problems which have reflected in the overall result.

Raging Bull - Robert Needs

Sorry, no picture or details available at present...

The Bean MuncherThe Bean Muncher

Sorry, very linited information available at present but this Puller was originally owned by Simon Haworth and called 'The Dark Side'...